Our mission in life is not just to restore classic cars but to bring them back to life.

In line with the mission statement
„Applying our hearts and minds to care for your classic car“,
our experienced team of specialists will restore and service your vehicle the way you would if you could yourself.

We pamper to our customers' wishes on a one-to-one basis.

We will restore your vehicle completely or in part, in large or small steps, in accordance with your very own personal desires, needs and constraints. And bring your treasured one back to life – true to its original condition both visually and functionally, down to the last detail. Depending on availability, we purchase or even make the spare parts needed.

Our service portfolio also includes:

- Servicing
- Annual inspections and maintenance
- Repairs
- Vehicle transport
- Accident repairs
- Advising on purchases and sales

Elversberger-Str. 40a
D-66386 St. Ingbert

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